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Sustainable Development

Sustainable Development

Is Ireland  a sustainable Country? Maybe you have never asked yourself this question but it is the reality of this present age that we need to understand what sustainable development is and how to achieve a sustainable environment. Many authors defined sustainable development in summary as meeting present needs without affecting future generations from meeting their own needs. This is simply true, so considering our present way of life starting from the water we drink, the food we eat, the cars we drive and the houses we are building are all these sustainable? The ways and speed at which we are heavily dependent of these resources will result in the future generations not been able to meet their own needs. Because sustainable development is broad I will be sticking to my area of expertise which is promoting sustainable building using Eco-friendly and sustainable building materials which is the earth and clay.

Do you agree with me that building with clay and earth is a sustainable way of preserving our environment? Kindly drop your comment in the box below and let us know if your community is sustainable or not

Types of Eco friendly and sustainable building materials

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As mentioned above that sustainable development is meeting present needs without affecting the future generations from meeting their own needs what then are the types of sustainable and Eco-friendly building materials that are available to use. The most common that has stood the test of time is the earth (adobe bricks) and clay (burnt bricks), recently there has been lots of innovations like the use of waste and non-degradable materials like plastics in building houses, use of sand bags but the most recent development is the return to the ancient way of building which is building with clay bricks but with newer brick making methods, cheaper to make, assemble and not damaging to the environment.

How many homes are built in your community with sustainable materials? What are the common building materials used in your area? Are you heavily dependent on the conventional cavity blocks for building or would you like to learn more about building with cheaper, durable, beautify and more Eco-friendly bricks?

Do you know about other Eco-friendly and sustainable building materials that you will like to share

Advantages of Building with Eco Friendly materials

Earth and clay are the pillars upon which the earth rest so these materials are in abundant supply. Building with Eco-friendly bricks has the following advantages:

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  • Available raw materials
  • Cheaper to make and build with
  • No wood needed to burn the bricks
  • Beautiful products
  • Little cement needed
  • Eco systems not destroyed
  • Can be made on site (No transportation cost)
  • Soil from site can be used to make the bricks, Eliminating waste
  • Ecological bricks can be manufactured on site thereby eliminating transportation cost

If you agree with the advantages or will like to learn more or see how this new concept work or want your community to avail of this kindly drop your request or comment in the box below.