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About us

Adverts in Counties is a newly formed free online marketing platform with the aim of promoting  Local businesses and services in all Counties in  The Republic of Ireland. As part of our entry strategy into this competitive industry, we are offering the following free services :-   Free Business Directory, Free Classified, Free job and property Listing, Free to collect Items, Live streaming of Events, web Design and Management.

OBJECTIVES To have presence in all counties of Ireland by 2016 and also to be a concept to be adopted globally

MISSION Is to promote local businesses and the Irish  community globally and also to , generate employment and increase business sales for the local businesses

VISION Our vision is to be the national advertising platform  within the next 5 year and to be internationally adopted as a community development and empowerment site catering for the local communities.


We have developed this unique platform for Businesses and corporate bodies in Ireland to showcase their products and services for free.